Thursday, February 5, 2009

Project 1 Idea

For the first project relating to Science I am focusing on Natural Earth Science, or geology. To be more specific, caves and the endless interesting forms that are found in them. 

I have recently been examining images, text and videos of caves and the various life forms that strive in cave environments.  I see many connections of my own past work to the forms found in caves.  I find great inspiration in caves and see endless possibilities of how I could use such forms to create my own. 

I have been playing with ideas based from either stalactites or the glowworm mucus webs. One question I have is how far can I push the boundaries of “drawing”? Do I have to physically leave marks on a surface, or can I create my drawing with tangible items (string for example) and shadows? What is the fine line between contemporary drawing and sculpture?

After talking with my group, the biggest thing I felt was discussed was material choices. I will be working in a non-traditional form of drawing incorporating light to draw shadows on the wall, no physical marks will be made on a surface. Talking with the group helped me to refine and further develop my idea.

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  1. Did you figure out the scale of your 'drawing' yet? I loved the examples you showed in our group discussion last Tuesday (i.e. the strands w/the hot glue drips) and I also agree that the 'clumpier' drip(s) looked better. I think that when the drips look too similar to each other, they start to look forced - and planned out. I really think you should just be more erratic with putting the glue on the strands - it gives it such a more naturalistic kind of vibe. Also, the L.E.D. lights looked awesome - I absolutely loved the cast shadows that the strands created!!! The subject matter you have chosen will fit perfectly with your body of work.