Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Field Trip Reflection

On Thursday we went to the Foster Gallery on the Eau Claire Campus for the drawing show. The following are the artists that I studied while at the gallery, and the very literal interpretations of what I observed about each piece.

Cal Lane- Untitled Map 3
material: old steel barrel cut open and flattened, with lid and bottom reattached
What I saw: world map, lace design, butterfly/dragonfly, dragon with fire/flames, deer and tree in nature with seated human figure, lobster, sailor's anchor, a truck, and a shield/badge/family coat of arms. The top and bottom of the steel barrel are detailed like the top or bottom view of a map- 24 "spokes" and 5 rings on each symbolizing the longitude and latitude lines on the globe (are these numbers accurate?) 
Contrasting Ideas: industrial v. domestic life, strong v. delicate, masculine v. feminine, practical v. frivolty, and ornament v. function

Edward Mayer
What I saw: line and repetition, tension and resolution, invasion of space (between media and within the gallery space itself), passing of time (tying knots or the long path traveled by one material that is either replaced of joined by another material, progression, flowing organic lines v. rigid geometric lines/shapes, flimsy v. stable, expansion v. confinement/condensed, pliable v. non-pliable materials, positive v. negative space

Amanda Hughen- Sepidemic
Materials: clear film with ink drawing on either side
What I saw: repetition, layers of simple shapes used to create a complex final image, rotating and reflecting of images, combination of geometry and organic forms, positive v. negative space, outlines v. solid shapes/forms

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